CCA represents Canada’s construction industry

Members firms join CCA through their local or provincial construction associations and are entitled to numerous membership benefits including standard documents, construction guides, as well as updates on federal public policy and regulatory requirements.

Across Canada, CCA represents more than 20,000 members firms drawn from 63 local and provincial integrated partner associations. CCA gives voice to the public policy, legal and standards development goals of contractors, suppliers and allied business professionals working in, or with, Canada’s non-residential construction industry.


How CCA works

The day-to-day operations of CCA are handled by the CCA staff in the Ottawa office.

Since CCA was founded as an association of construction practitioners, only employees, officers or owners of a member firm are eligible to sit on its board. The board is drawn from local and provincial partner associations, as well as CCA corporate members. The current board consists of 80 individuals representing all aspects of the non-residential construction business in Canada. The chair and other elected officers are chosen from the board and serve on an executive committee made up of committee and council chairs. It is the executive committee that is charged with holding CCA accountable for implementing board decisions, as well as ensuring board adherence to CCA by-laws and governance principles.