CPD 360

Holding ourselves accountable to our contract, our scope, and to our internal standards of excellence.

CPD 360 is a mobile application designed specifically for CP Distributors by CP Distributors.  What began as a quality control and assurance application has evolved into an application that now captures, in real time, our safety, manufacturing, installation, shipping and receiving activity.

In an increasingly complex construction environment, the need for real-time updates from the job site is imperative for CP Distributors to successfully complete our contract requirements on every scope that we install on your construction project.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance program measures accuracy from the time the first frame is set to the time that the keys are turned over to the owner.

Mobile Forms

All our forms are submitted from the site electronically and are filed oun our CP Distributors Ltd. secure server.

Customized Forms

Custom forms can be designed for each specific job to ensure that every aspect of the job is tracked and monitored.

Experience the difference an industry specific quality assurance, quality control program can make for you and your project.