High-pressure injected polyurethane

  • Stronger and more energy-efficient insulation
  • Solidly bonded to the steel sheets providing a section that is resistant to flexion.

Smooth steel finish

  • 23-gauge or 20-gauge steel, provides a bending resistance 15% greater than 26-gauge steel, for better resistance to impact and vandalism.
  • Highly corrosion-resistant with galvanized steel having a minimum of G60 zinc coating (180 g/m2).

InterlokTM triple-contact joints

  • Sections are strengthened by 2 steel walls joined together with mechanical interlocking joints which are more solid than just two bonded walls.
  • Their Mechanical thermal breaks which are more efficient compared to thermal breaks made with glue.
  • Triple-contact joints provide 2 times more weathertightness than those of the competition. Garaga Lab - Tested Logo

Metal reinforcement plates

  • Provide stronger fastening for hinges and struts. These 14-gauge plates are 2 times thicker than 20-gauge plates used by other manufacturers.

Wood end blocks

  • Provide a thermal break that is more effective than steel end caps which form a thermal bridge. Garaga Lab - Tested Logo

  • Structural elements of the sections, the kiln-dried pine wood end blocks are installed at the outer ends of the section. They are stronger than insulation covered with a steel cap.

Lag screw system

  • Provides much better fastening of the end hinges. The lag screws engage 8 threads into the wood, compared to a self-tapping screw going through a steel end cap engaging only about 2 or 3 threads.

Steel walls

         G60 hot-dipped galvanized steel with five coats of protective finish.

         20-gauge exterior and interior steel skins

         20-gauge exterior and 23-gauge interior steel skins

         23-gauge exterior and interior steel skins

  • Baked-on polyester paint. Can be repainted.
  • Smooth finish on both sides of the door.
  • Same quality of corrosion-resistant steel for interior and exterior faces.

1 ¾" (44.5 mm) insulated door with high-pressure injected polyurethane foam ensuring a high thermal-resistance rating of R?16 (RSI 2.8 or k= 0.357 W/m2K) and the solidity of a composite material.

InterLokTM joints between each section:

  • Mechanical joints ensure stronger sections with walls of each panel mechanically interlocked (not only bonded by the polyurethane).
  • Mechanical thermal break avoids heat transfer between the interior and exterior walls of each section.
  • Triple-contact joint prevents air infiltration.

U-shaped tubular bottom weatherstripping made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) ensures the weathertightness of the threshold. Remains flexible and watertight during cold weather, to -62°F (-52°C).

Wood end blocks made of kiln-dried pine (grade 4). With our lag screw system, ensure better fastening of the end hinges. They also provide a thermal break which prevents thermal bridging.

14-gauge steel reinforcement plates placed inside the door for solidly attaching hinges and struts.

Door weight:

3.35 lb/ft2 (16.3 kg/m2)

3.15 lb/ft2 (15.4 kg/m2)

2.85 lb/ft2 (13.9 kg/m2)