Schlage ControlTM Smart Locks

Schlage Control smart locks increase efficiency by eliminating the cost and hassle of keys. Their no-cylinder design also makes them pick and bump proof.

Schlage Control smart locks mark a new era of electronic access control in the multi-family market by ushering in the next generation of highly scalable and efficiency-boosting capabilities. Properties can now focus on operating more profitably and with greater appeal.

Without traditional keys to deal with, properties will save time and money in managing resident doors. Available as a deadbolt or interconnect design, Schlage Control smart locks introduce an array of additional, and intelligent, advantages. 


  • The no-cylinder design is 100% pick proof to enhance safety and reduce liabilities
  • Available in deadbolt or interconnect (single-motion egress) designs
  • Audit trail reports up to 1,000 events


  • The no-tour feature allows property managers to assign and block access without visiting the lock
  • Lock programming via the ENGAGE™ mobile application on a smart phone and/or tablet via Bluetooth connection
  • Provides property managers with choices on access control with integration in to one of Allegion’s software alliance member’s electronic access control systems


  • Standard door preparation and installs easily with no wiring or modifications to the door frame necessary
  • Offers residents the convenience of using a smartphone and/or smart credential to open doors
  • Full suiting with Schlage mechanical locks
  • Two versatile styles
  • Five finish options
  • 15 lever designs with matching roses