1.  Chalkboard surface is the finest available.
  2.  The porcelain surface is guaranteed for a 50 years lifespan on the original installation. 1
  3.   Porcelain chalkboard surfaces set the standard for all school construction.
  4.   Porcelain/ceramic  on  steel  surface  is  ideal  for  all  magnets  and  magnetic  impregnated materials. Surfaces will not be damaged by contact with magnetic devices.
  5.   Matte finish produces solid chalk line with minimal dust.
  6.   Low reflective surface provides maximum chalk contrast with no glare.
  7.   Chalk eraser removes marks completely, retaining minimum residual chalk dust. Easily washable with most mild soaps and detergents. Surface is not affected by most strong cleaners and basically nonstaining due to nonporous surface.
  8.   2 layers of vitreous enamel baked on at high temperatures on 28 gauge steel surface.
  9.   High resistance to impact damage and colour fading.
  10.   Scratch and abrasion resistant.
  11.   Porcelain/ceramic on steel is 100% non-combustible, with Class 1 finish retaining. 0-0-0 fire hazard classification.  Panels are relatively lightweight in comparison to other core materials which allows for easier handling and installation.
  12.   Standard wood fiberboard thickness is 11.11mm (7/16”). Overall  finished panel thickness is approximately 12.7mm (1/2”).
  13.    Aluminum foil is the standard backing sheet used for fixed mounting and sliding board applications.