Walls That Talk

Ideal for boardrooms or training rooms, these walls can be used for writing, interactive projection and/or displaying. You decide on the design and we’ll take care of the rest. We can panel walls up to 8 or 10 feet high depending on the surface and there’s no limit on the width.
Writing boards in a choice of surfaces for felt-tip pens or chalk. Concealed aluminum joints mean that the panels nest into each other with a virtually seamless finish, forming a full-wall writing surface. To elegantly frame the panels, you have a choice of several different anodized aluminum mouldings with natural satin finish, or your choice of optional baked-on colours (at slight extra cost).

When it comes to display, you have a full choice of surfaces: Corktac  Deluxetac, Vinyltac or Fabrictac.

We allow you to cover an entire wall with the product of your choice: whiteboard, chalkboard or tackboard. By far the most preferred option, the symmetrical assembly will give a clean and professional look to your room. Only the panels on both ends are cut down to get the desired width while the panels in-between stay full. More budget-friendly, the partial wall will allow you to use the standard panels to the maximum capacity.