Our Mission

To optimize our customers' success by providing them with the best value in quality construction products and service.


To be recognized by our customers and suppliers as the best value provider of products and service in our industry.

Our Core Values and Management Philosophy

The following Statement of Management Philosophy defines and describes the core values that govern all behaviors, activities and decisions of the organization:

In all of our dealings, actions and decisions, our employees are expected to be:

Caring, helpful and customer-driven in the manner in which we deal with our customers, providing a consistently superior service experience, while consistently assuring the primacy of the customer’s best interests.  We value our personal business relations, and treat our customers accordingly.  Likewise, we are supportive and attentive to the needs and expectations of our employees.

Responsible, resourceful and organized, attentive and able to respond promptly and effectively to the diverse needs of our clients, our employees, and our suppliers.

Knowledgeable and competent regarding our products and services, as well as in our ability to help our clients identify, assess and prioritize their particular needs.

Supportive of quality management practices: we believe that providing the ‘best value’ requires consistently superior management, based on the principles of total quality management.

Timely: we honor the commitments we make regarding the delivery of our products and services.

Reliable and open in the commitments we make regarding the performance, costs and value of our products and services.

Win-win problem solvers, able to resolve concerns of our clients, employees or suppliers to the mutual satisfaction of all parties, always seeking to strengthen our valued relationships.

Honest and trustworthy: our word is our bond; we consistently do what we say we will; we ensure that any information we provide is accurate, timely and complete so that our customers, employees and business partners can make confident, informed decisions.

Totally respectful towards each person in all of our dealings, recognizing their particular needs, and holding our business relationships in the highest regard.  Likewise, we treat all property with respect, at all times.

Reputable and respected by our customers, employees, suppliers and the general public because of our consistently superior performance, and our model behaviors consistent with our values.                                                                           

Fair and equitable in all of our dealings, seeking mutual gain and win-win solutions, dealing with each person with full respect and dignity.

Leaders, showing leadership by example, and steadfastly striving to attain the highest of standards.

Friendly, fun-loving and constructive, making the work experience and the work place as pleasant as possible for everyone, and strongly encouraging the development and progress of our employees.

Teamwork oriented as the preferred approach to getting the work done, where each employee accepts personal responsibility for his/her commitments to the group.

Innovative and forward-looking, constantly seeking a better way to create value and provide exemplary service.

Foster mutually beneficial business partnerships: we appreciate and value the mutual benefits of responsible and effective working partnerships, and constantly strive to strengthen these relationships.

Contribute to the community: we value the communities in which we conduct our business, and strive to contribute by providing superior value to our clients, and rewarding work opportunities for our employees.