The Difference Between a Good AHC and a Great AHC

September 23, 2021

Architectural Hardware Consultants (AHC) are trained to recognize a builder's hardware requirements for door openings in all types of public, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. AHCs coordinate thousands of builders' hardware items and options to ensure door openings are in compliance with fire, safty, accessibility and building code requirements.

A good AHC will write a hardware schedule that meets building and fire codes. They will interpret plans and specify the correct hardware and functions to the best of their ability. They may even provide a specification or modify the Consultants hardware specification and door schedule to make sure there aren't any contridictions between the documents. Sounds great, right?

A great AHC will have a different approach. They will meet with consultants, end users, and/or contractors. They will ask questions about design, use of the building and budget. They will then proceed to provide a specification and hardware schedule that incorporates aesthetics, proper use as to the owner's requirements and to the project's budget.

Great AHCs will choose the best products for the project and not concern themselves as much with specific product lines.

Great AHCs will write a schedule for the end user and the consultants's benefit; not their own. This is a very important point.

Every project requires an AHC, make sure you get one that is writing your schedule for the right reasons.

Affiliated Systems is here to take Integration to a whole new level!

March, 2021

CP Distributors has handled access control and other security componants for many years but wanted to take it to the next level and build a division that stands above all other integration companies across Canada.  To do this, Affiliated Systems was created and we brought on board some of the best and most certified individuals to help take us to that top level!  We are partnered with many of the world's top brand's in Access Control, Intrusion, Camera's, Fire Systems and much more!  We are also aquiring the best and brightest technicians in the industries to compliment our already well versed and certified team!

We look forward to this division becoming the best in the business!

Learn more!


Preassembled Doors And Hardware

November, 2019

From the time of contract award, our Project Management teams begin to engineer your openings.  Employing state of the art software and years of experience, we ensure that the openings we design for your project are as per your requirement.  When you choose the Preassemnbled and Prefinished option, we engineer this into your opening.


Have You Had Your Annual Fire Door Inspection?

October, 2019

Fire-rated doors and frames play a vital role in keeping people safe and minimizing property damage during a fire. In fact, there has never been a loss of life due to a properly installed and maintained fire door.

It’s estimated that 80% of the 14 million commercial door systems installed in North America don’t receive routine maintenance, or aren’t equipped with properly installed or functioning safety devices, such as photo-eyes or sensing edges.


What Makes A Good Architectural Hardware Consultant?

August, 2019

After seeing many many schedules over the years I can share with you what a good architectural hardware consultant (AHC) will provide vs what a great AHC will provide. Because there is a difference.



Five Reasons You Should Consider A Planned Maintenance Agreement

July, 2019

Planned maintenance agreements are an excellent way to keep costs and disruptions to a minimum while maximizing your system’s performance through timely planned maintenance. When it comes to Safety, or any other type of critical hardware, a service contract can simplify your repair and maintenance commitments. Here are five reasons why a service contract is actually a very cost-effective deal:

#1 – Save Money, Control Costs